15 Effective Ways Women Can Beat Mood Swings

15 Effective Ways Women Can Beat Mood Swings

It is not easy to be a woman. Aside from the usual problems that normal human beings have to go through every day, women have to deal with monthly mood swings, which are terrible not just for themselves but for those around them as well. These mood swings are caused by the hormonal changes brought about by the monthly menstrual cycle.

Women with mood swings are hard to understand. They can be jolly now and be irritable a few minutes after. Some even become depressive to the point that they cannot function productively.

If you are a woman struggling with mood swings, rest assured that you can still be approachable and productive in spite of your monthly hormonal imbalance. Here are some ways that may help you:

1. Eat green leafy vegetables.

Let us start with what your body needs the most during your monthly period—more iron and minerals to avoid anemia. Green leafy vegetables are rich with iron so eating them can help keep the oxygen supply to your blood stable. This is necessary so you will be energetic instead of feeling weak and lightheaded resulting in being cranky.

2. Get enough rest and sleep.

You tend to be more irritable and depressive if you are exhausted and sleep deprived. Therefore, make sure that you get enough sleep daily so your mood swings cannot get the best of you. Getting enough sleep is also important to keep you from having low blood pressure.

3. Drink enough water.

Drinking water from time to time can refresh you whenever you are tired or stressed. Moreover, water is necessary for cleaning your digestive tract and flushing out body waste. This will keep you from being bloated, which can make you prickly.

4. Be physically active.

Exercise and being physically active can help your blood circulate better and keep your energy level up. The more energetic you are, the less depressive you will be. For this reason, maintain an exercise habit or play your favourite sport regularly.

5. Hang out with your friends.

Hanging out with your friends and doing fun things with them can improve your mood. Make sure to be with those friends who are lively and funny for an enthusiastic company. If you go out with friends who are depressive as well, you will feel worse because you would only be talking about how miserable life is.

6. Bond with your family.

The presence of your family, especially if you have kids, can make you feel better. Simple bonding with them like a small picnic in the park or just eating ice cream altogether can be an effective remedy. Just make sure to control your temper and be patient with them.

7. Look your best.

Even if you do not feel like being fashionable for the day, make an effort to wear your best and look beautiful. This can boost your self-esteem and confidence, which are necessary to keep out insecure thoughts. Avoid wearing dull or dark colours because they can influence your mood.

8. Watch comedy shows or movies.

As they say, “laughter is the best medicine”. Therefore, whenever you feel blue and you have spare time, watch funny films or television shows. Laughing can boost your energy level and you will feel better.

9. Eat chocolates.

Chocolates are among the favourite comfort foods of women. They can boost your happy hormones, which can help you feel good and energetic. Eating a limited amount of chocolates will not make you fat so it will not destroy your fitness goal.

10. Paint your room with bright colours.

According to psychology, colours have the power to influence our mood. Painting the walls of your room with bright colours like yellow or light orange can help you wake up to a good day. On the other hand, you should avoid dull or dark shades since they can make you feel gloomy.

11. Focus on being productive for the day.

It is hard to be productive when you have mood swings because your determination to do your tasks usually fluctuates. Once the depressive and irritable side of you comes out, you lose the enthusiasm to give your best. To avoid this from happening, you need to intentionally concentrate on accomplishing your goals or tasks for the day regardless of how you feel.

12. Stop overthinking.

Overthinking can cause anxiety, worries, and fears, which can be irrational most of the times. For this reason, you need to prevent yourself from thinking too much about your problems or anything else. Keep yourself preoccupied with doing productive things and learn to control your thoughts.

13. Fill your mind with positive thoughts.

Make it a habit to filter your mind so you can avoid depressing ideas. Think about positive, beautiful, and encouraging thoughts that can make you feel better. Practice being optimistic at all times by always seeing the bright side of every situation.

14. Be aware that you have mood swings.

Being aware that you are experiencing mood swings because of hormonal changes can help you understand yourself better. Since you know what is going on inside you, you can consciously choose the right response to every situation.

15. Get professional help.

If in case your depressive behaviours are already hindering you from functioning normally and they pose a threat to your and others’ welfare, then it is time you have to see a psychologist or psychiatrist. The problem could be more than the normal female mood swings.

Choose to be Happy

As a woman, you have to accept the fact that hormonal imbalance is a normal part of your monthly routine. You have to deal with it for many years until your menopausal period. However, you can still function productively and even excellently if you handle it the right way.

Choose to be happy at all times even when you do not feel like it. With the right attitude towards life, you can still achieve your goals and be successful despite the unpredictable hormone rage.

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