The Best Sleep Aids Natural Formula

The Best Sleep Aids Natural Formula

Are you having trouble getting a good sleep every night? Have you been struggling with insomnia for a long time and you are desperate to be free from it? Well, you do not have to suffer from sleep problems anymore since there is something here that can truly help you.

For many years, I struggled with insomnia. My doctor said it was because of my high stress level due to the nature of my work. I have two excellence-demanding jobs, so most of the time I could not help but keep my mind working even during bedtime.

Someone recommended Yuuto’s NITE NITE Natural Sleep Aid to me, and since I started taking this supplement, my sleep pattern became normal. Now, no matter how pressured I am from work, I do not find it so difficult to shut my mind off the moment my head hits the pillow anymore.

Having personally experienced its effectiveness, I have been recommending NITE NITE to my family and friends who had sleep problems too. Now, it is an honor for me to give a review about this product which has changed my life.

About NITE NITE Natural Sleep Aid

NITE NITE Natural Sleep Aid is one of the in-demand products from Yuuto Nutrition. This health supplement is based on the Japanese nutrition guidelines—which are responsible for the better health of most Japanese compared to Westerners’. Now, this product has found its way to the UK, so people who are struggling with sleep disorders should grab this.

This advanced sleep formula contains the necessary ingredients and nutrients to support healthy sleep and relaxation. Its formula is known to help in regularising the sleep-wake cycle so it can help you feel refreshed whenever you wake up in the morning. If you are usually stressed at work, then this product is highly recommended because it is also an effective anxiety reducer.

What Are the Ingredients and Their Benefits

NITE NITE contains 19 naturally potent ingredients, which make it effectively safe and healthy for users like me. Let us take a look at its key ingredients:

  1. Melatonin– this hormone plays a significant role in our sleep cycle since it supports the increased Rapid Eye Movement (REM), sleep onset, dreaming, deep sleep, and the overall sleep quality. It aids in balancing the sleep and waking cycle, boosts positive mood, and supports both physical and mental health.
  2. Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL)– this aids in converting the food we eat to become our body fuel, keeping the nerves healthy, metabolising proteins and fats, and producing red blood cells. Taking Vitamin B6 before sleeping can help you recall your dreams.
  3. L-Tryptophan– it helps elevates the body’s serotonin levels (serotonin is melatonin’s precursor). This can also make you sleep faster, and can boost the mood of those who have sleep problems.
  4. Valerian– improves the quality of sleep, especially when combined with lemon balm, hops, or other herbs. This can help decrease the amount of time needed to be asleep.
  5. Goji (Wolfberry)– this supports quality of sleep, mood, mental function, and bowel regularity, and the person’s overall disposition.
  6. Chamomile– by increasing the GABA levels in the body, this can induce sleepiness, which makes falling asleep faster. This can reduce night time awakenings and improve the sleep quality.
  7. Lemon Balm– this is primarily known to support positive stress response, enhance cognitive functions, and boost mood. Moreover, this powerful extract helps promote healthy sleep.
  8. Passion Flower– together with hops and valerian root, passion flower can decrease insomnia symptoms. Overall, this can help improve sleep quality.
  9. L-Taurine– aside from decreasing the cortisol levels, this also aids in increasing the GABA production in the body. The GABA is an important neurotransmitter that serves as our ‘off’ switch so we can sleep faster.
  10. Hops– because of its sedative properties, this can improve sleep quality by increasing our sleep time.
  11. St. John’s Wort– this can increase the serotonin level in our brain. A neurotransmitter that boosts good sleep when turned into melatonin, serotonin produces a relaxing effect on the brain.
  12. GABA– as a supplement, this produces a calming effect on the brain and it also maintains normal nerve transmission.
  13. Skullcap– this is known to be an effective treatment for insomnia and anxiety.
  14. L-theanine– by decreasing the anxiety levels in the body and inducing relaxation, L-theanine helps improve the sleep quality. This also decreases the time needed for a person to fall asleep.
  15. Ashwagandha– this ingredient can help maintain a balanced sleep cycle by its element known as glycowithanolides. This functions the same with the corticosteroids that keep the proper cortisol levels in the body.
  16. Inositol– this aids in keeping the chemicals in the body balanced. This is necessary in treating mental conditions, such as depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and panic disorder.
  17. 5-HTP– by supporting the production of melatonin in the body, this effectively promotes sleep. This also aids in producing serotonin, a neurotransmitter that supports the sleep-wake cycle and mood regularisation.

Who Can Benefit from NITE NITE

So, who are those that must use NITE NITE supplement? Of course, I highly recommend this to everyone who is struggling with insomnia like me in the past. This is also perfect for you if you are a restless or light sleeper who are struggling to get a deep sleep.

Moreover, this is not only best for those who have difficulty falling asleep. If you are suffering from tension, nervousness, and restlessness, then you can also benefit from this. This can make you relax and even help you to be refreshed from sleep.

Why Should I Use NITE NITE

I am aware how important getting enough and restful sleep every night to stay productive during the day. I need this so much especially that I need to give my best into my jobs. For this reason, I cannot afford to be energy-drained and have no focus just because I cannot sleep at night.

Never again will I allow insomnia to give me headaches. That is why I will always take NITE NITE Natural Sleep Aid supplement. If insomnia is also your problem, then I encourage you to try this too.



    Helps relaxing and calming.
    Helps regulate the sleep-wake cycle.
    Helps wake up and feel refreshed.