12 Natural Foods that can Increase Your Sexual Stamina

12 Natural Foods that can Increase Your Sexual Stamina

As much as you want to be the best lover for your partner, there are times when stress and exhaustion make your sexual stamina poor, thus not satisfying your spouse. Aside from getting frustrated with yourself for your lack of endurance, fear of getting cheated on could also consume you.

Yes, it is true that some cheating cases are a result of unhappy sex life. Although physical intimacy is not the basis of love, it can really affect a relationship. Dissatisfaction in bed can tempt anyone to look for someone else who could give them what their partner cannot.

Improve Sexual Stamina with Your Diet

No need to fear being replaced by your partner with someone who is better in bed. Be a better performer by increasing your sexual stamina despite stress from daily businesses. Yes, there is something you can do to fan the flames in your love-making.

Aside from proper exercise, eating organic foods that are known to help sexual endurance can help you too. Check out the following foods and include them in your diet:

1. Orange and other citrus fruits

Citrus fruits like orange and grapes are known to improve bed performance because they are rich in Vitamin C. Such vitamin is known to increase motility and sperm count. Also, since these fruits have antioxidants too, they can help overcome stress and allow better erections for men and improve mood and concentration for both sexes.

2. Banana

Bananas are rich in B vitamins, which are essential to help improve the stamina level. They are also loaded with potassium, which can aid in producing sex hormones for more sensual passion. They can also help the body produce serotonin, which is known to be the pleasure-hormone, because they contain the amino acid tryptophan.

3. Pepper

Peppers like chili, guacamole, or jalapenos have capsaicin, which is a compound that produces chemicals that are responsible for increased heart rate and libido. Therefore, they will not only make your dinner hot but also the rest of the night as they get you into the mood for some actions.

4. Corn

Corn contains manganese, which is a mineral that helps in breaking down fat and carbohydrates for improved stamina level. It is also known to effectively aid in strengthening the body tissues, including the sexual organs.

5. Red Grapes

Red grapes are known to be rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins which are essential to keep your immune system healthy despite the stress and keep your stamina level at the optimal. To be specific, red grapes have resveratrol and stilbenoids chemical compounds which can heighten your energy for that high sexual stamina.

6. Watermelon

If erection is the problem, then watermelon can be an effective and healthy solution. This fruit is loaded with L-citrulline, which can help erection becomes harder. Once it enters the body, L-citrulline is transformed to L-arginine, which can increase the blood flow to the male sexual organ, causing its stronger erection.

7. Oats

Like watermelon, oats also produce L-arginine. Whole grains can also help decrease the cholesterol level, which can disrupt the blood flow to the penis and cause poor erection. Thus, eating oatmeal can help in strengthening erection and reach better satisfaction.

8. Garlic

Yes, this could give you a not-so-seductive breath, but it can help keep your sexual stamina level high. Garlic is known to help boost stamina in general, that is why it was a popular supplement in ancient Egypt. Researchers have proven it to be effective in preventing nano plaques, which are fatty deposits, in the arterial walls including to the penis—which can make erection hard to keep up.

9. Beans

Beans are made of protein so they are good not just in improving the tissues and muscles, but they can also help increase the energy level, which essential in keeping heightened bed actions. Moreover, they contain antioxidants, fiber, and potassium, which can help you de-stress and last long in bed. They are also good for the heart and other organs of the body so they can help make you entirely healthy.

10. Spinach

Ever wonder if Popeye’s craze for spinach was the reason why Olive could not leave him? Spinach is also rich in L-arginine content—yes, that amino acid that fuels erection. This veggie can help maintain erection longer and at the same time contribute to fast muscle growth and recovery.

11. Apple

Apple is proven to be effective in keeping sexual stamina up because of its quercetin content. This antioxidant can contribute much to body endurance by increasing the body’s oxidative capability, which means the muscles can use up much more oxygen so they do not get tired immediately. Quercetin can stop the production of cortisone too, which is responsible for muscle breakdown, resulting in early fatigue.

12. Soya Bean

Soya bean is the best friend of women who are struggling to keep up in bed. It is loaded with genistein, a plant hormone that produces collagen. Aside from keeping the skin young and looking, this hormone increases the estrogen level and can help menopausal women maintain their libido and last longer in bed.

Go Japanese

For more natural, healthy, and effective solutions to sexual stamina problems, we, at Yuuto, suggest that you try the Japanese diet. Find out how the Japanese can keep their stamina at a high level, not just in love-making, but in their everyday lives. Their healthy lifestyle has a big impact on this.

You can also try the Yuuto dietary supplements, which are all healthy and effective. They are Japan-made and are strictly organic. They also contain the nutrients you need to boost your sexual energy and stamina.

Be a Better Performer

Do not let daily pressure and stress keep you from satisfying your partner and self in bed. After all the exhausting day, you deserve to enjoy and relax with your beloved so that you will be recharged for the next day. Be irresistible in bed and be the best lover your partner could ever wish for.

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