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    Helps increase muscle strength and fat metabolization.
    Helps aid in appetite control and increase muscle strength.*
    Supports energy and performance levels.*

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It can be a difficult journey, getting rid of unwanted body fat. While healthy eating, exercise and counting calories goes a long way to help, quite often, your body can still store excess body fat. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer to supplements, someone who just wants to speed up the weight loss process, or you’re a seasoned athlete- get ready to shred those extra pounds with Yuuto® FAT BURNER*, the advanced dietary supplement for weight loss and management.


If you have been following a weight management nutritional plan but still need help to boost the fat burning process and control your appetite, Yuuto® FAT BURNER* is the perfect push in the right direction. On the other end of the spectrum, if you’re preparing for a bodybuilding or model competition, Yuuto® FAT BURNER* will give your body the extra push that’ll have you taking home number one every time. It’s the perfect solution for everybody!


Yuuto® FAT BURNER* is a natural thermogenic and lipogenic supplement that increases muscle strength and fat metabolization. Yuuto® FAT BURNER* combines a potent formula of ten natural ingredients to help aid your body’s fat-burning processes. It does so by encouraging the reduction of stored fat through the increase of fatty acid utilisation in the fat cells and boosting your body’s muscle-to-fat ration. This means you will see an increase in muscle strength and a lower percentage of body fat.


One of the added benefits of Yuuto® FAT BURNER* is that it aids in the regulation of your mental clarity and energy levels. So, while you are exercising and ticking off those to-do lists, you’ll have more energy to help you get through the day. By taking one veggie capsule each morning, say goodbye to excess fat and hello to the sexy new you!

Advanced thermogenic Yuuto® FAT BURNER* formula benefits:

  • Assists in promoting fat loss;*
  • Assists in promoting a lower percentage of body fat;*
  • Promotes the reduction of stored fat by increasing fatty acid utilisation in the fat cell;*
  • Promotes the reduction of fat and an enhanced muscle-to-fat ratio;*
  • Promotes the regulation of energy balance allowing for improved mental energy.*

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Yuuto® FAT BURNER* is an advanced thermogenic fat-burning formula containing a synergistic blend of ten ingredients to support fat loss in multiple pathways. If taken daily, these ingredients support metabolism and fat-burning. When combined with exercise and a reduced-calorie diet, Yuuto® FAT BURNER* can help you reach your weight loss goals.*

Advanced Thermogenic Fat-Burning Formula

Energy and Focus Blend

Caffeine: By raising blood levels of epinephrine (adrenaline), caffeine promotes the release of fatty acids from fat tissue. Caffeine increases your resting metabolic rate, which means it increases the number of calories you burn at rest.

Phenylethylamine HCl: Phenethylamine is a stimulatory transmitter, that improves the mood of the user and increases alertness. It is derived from the amino acid phenylalanine. Phenethylamine aids in concentration and focus and enhances mood. By stimulating the release of dopamine, PEA reduces appetite while improving mood. Phenethylamine may curb appetite, and through epinephrine and norepinephrine, phenethylamine may increase metabolism and, therefore, promote weight loss.

Glucomannan: Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber, extracted from the roots of the elephant yam. It has gained considerable attention as a weight loss supplement. Like other soluble fibers, glucomannan absorbs water in your stomach and contributes to feelings of fullness. In addition, it may promote reduced calorie intake and weight loss in other ways.

Fursultiamine: Fursultiamine also known as thiamine tetrahydrofurfuryl disulfide is a more potent and active form of vitamin B1 (thiamine). Vitamin B1 plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and protein; low levels of B1 can cause fatigue and depression. Studies have shown that by helping to prevent or lessen the symptoms of thiamine deficiency, fursultiamine can increase endurance.

L-Tyrosine: L-tyrosine is a stimulatory amino acid that is used to produce noradrenaline and dopamine. Studies have found that tyrosine supplementation can improve mental function including increasing memory and decreasing stress. Even in high stress situations tyrosine has been shown to be an effective mood and brain booster. By helping to manage and reduce stress tyrosine may reduce cardiac issues. In fact, studies have indicated that tyrosine can lower blood pressure. Analysis has also shown that stress can cause overeating. Tyrosine can help manage weight by keeping stress levels down.

Thermogenesis Blend

Thermogenesis is a metabolic process during which your body burns calories to produce heat. Several factors induce thermogenesis in your body including exercise, diet and environmental temperature. Thermogenesis can promote weight loss because it increases your body’s calorie burn. Although inducing thermogenesis can help you burn more calories, a low-calorie diet and regular physical activity are the best ways for you to lose body weight.

Green Tea Extract: The advanced thermogenic Fat-Burning formula is a source of highly potent green tea standardized to a minimum of 50% epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and 98% polyphenols. EGCG is a type of catechin that has been shown to decrease body fat and lower cardiovascular risks in humans. Numerous studies have linked green tea consumption to increased fat burning (fat oxidation) and accelerated metabolism (energy expenditure). Research has also shown that green tea increases metabolism around the clock, even while the body is at rest.

Raspberry Ketones: Raspberry ketones have a similar molecular structure as two known fat-burning compounds. Raspberry ketones are claimed to cause the fat within cells to be broken down more effectively, helping your body burn fat faster. They are also claimed to increase levels of adiponectin, a hormone that helps to regulate metabolism.

  • Increased fat breakdown — primarily by making the cells more susceptible to the fat-burning hormone norepinephrine.
  • Increased release of the hormone adiponectin.

Yohimbe bark: Yohimbe, also called yohimbine, is an indole alkaloid derived from the bark of the Pausinystalia johimbe tree. Scientific research has shown that yohimbe can “significantly” reduce body fat. Studies have also shown that yohimbe can improve brain function and focus. The main way that yohimbe works in the body is through blocking alpha-2 adrenergic receptors.

Lipogenic Blend

Lipolysis is the breakdown of lipids and involves hydrolysis of triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids. The following hormones induce lipolysis: glucagon, epinephrine, norepinephrine, ghrelin, growth hormone, testosterone, and cortisol. During this process, free fatty acids are released into the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body. Lipolysis can be defined as the process in the body of breaking down stored triglycerides (or triglycerides in the blood for food we’ve just eaten), into two main components, glycerol and fatty acids.

Kola Nut: The kola nut is the fruit of the kola tree (Cola acuminata and Cola nitida), indigenous to West Africa. The trees, which reach heights of 40 to 60 feet, produce a star-shaped fruit. Although caffeine has long been known as an appetite suppressant to a certain degree, kola nut extracts have also been connected with increased fat-burning in the body, possibly due to the positive impact on metabolism that these nuts can have. This can be an ideal option for those people who are trying to lose weight or improve the quality of their diet.

L-Carnitine: Carnitine, a derivative of the amino acid, lysine, plays a vital role in the production of energy and metabolism of fat in the human body. Research has indicated that carnitine supplementation can boost fat burning and increase exercise performance. Numerous studies have linked dietary carnitine and a decrease in body mass index and significant weight loss. Research published by the International Journal of Sports Medicine attributed improved recovery after exercise and reduced fatigue to oral carnitine supplementation. Carnitine can also help the heart according to research; in one study, participants using carnitine lowered systolic blood pressure, an important indicator of heart disease risk, by almost 10 points.

We’ve formulated FAT BURNER to be the strongest and most effective available, but that doesn’t mean we’ve neglected consumer safety and wellbeing. We have ensured that it is 100% free from any dangerous, banned or harmful compounds, and ensured that it will not produce any negative, unpleasant side-effects for users.

  • Supplement Facts

  • Serving Size1 Softgel Capsule
  • Servings Per Container60
  • Calories0
  • Calories from Fat0
  • Food ComponentAmount/Serving% Daily Value*
  • Energy and Focus Proprietary Blend450 mg
  • Caffeine, Phenylethylamine HCl, Glucomannan, Fursultiamine, L-Tyrosine
  • Thermogenesis Proprietary Blend40 mg
  • Green Tea Extract (min. 50% EGCG, min. 98% Polyphenols)(leaf), Raspberry Ketones, Yohimbe bark
  • Lipogenic Proprietary Blend7 mg
  • Kola Nut, L-Carnitine

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, FD&C Red #40 & Titanium Dioxide.

  • 100% All Natural
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Suitable for Vegans: No
  • Suitable for Vegetarians: No
  • Third Party Tested: Yes
  • 60 Softgel Capsules: 1 Month Supply
  • Non-GMO / Dairy Free / Gluten Free : Yes/Yes/Yes
  • Packed with natural and safe ingredients at optimal doses.
  • U.S.A manufactured in cGMP and FDA approved facilities.
  • Yuuto™ Nutrition proudly uses only the highest quality ingredients.

WARNING: Not intended for use by persons under 18 years of age. Consult a physician before using this product if you have any medical condition including, but not limited to, strokes, high blood pressure, heart, liver, kidney or thyroid disease, diabetes, anemia, depression, anxiety, other psychiatric conditions, a family history of these or other medical conditions, or if taking any prescription, OTC and/or other herbal medications.

The Supplement Facts labeling information contained within this website should be regarded as the most up to date and may differ from product labeling that you have purchased. Please consult your product package for information, including allergens, specific to the product you have purchased.

  • Fitness enthusiasts;
  • Anyone who wants to lose fat;
  • Anyone who wants to be fit;
  • Anyone who wants to build muscles;
  • Anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

As a dietary supplement take one (1) capsule in the morning. Do not exceed two (2) capsules in a 24-hour period. Do not take past 4 PM. Use for no longer than 8 weeks straight, followed by an off period of at least 2 weeks before resuming use.

Results may vary from person to person. Take it for 2-4 weeks and then take two weeks off before starting again. Your body will reset and be more sensitive, so you’ll get better results when you resume taking it. The best way to know if you need a break from your fat burner is by assessing how you feel when you’re on it. Do not exceed two (2) capsules in a 24-hour period. Do not take past 4 PM. Use for no longer than 8 weeks straight, followed by an off period of at least 2 weeks before resuming use. If you are unsure about taking supplements consult a doctor or pharmacist before use.

The information presented here is intended for informational purposes only, and is meant to help users better understand health concerns. Information is based on review of scientific research data, historical practice patterns, and clinical experience.

Food supplements must not be used as a substitute for a varied, nutritional and balanced diet. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking any medication or are currently undergoing medical advice, please consult a doctor or healthcare professional before use.

Refrain from taking the food supplements if adverse reactions occur and consult a doctor.

Keep out of reach of young children.

Do not use if the goods are received without a tamper strip securely in place.

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12 reviews for FAT BURNER – Advanced Fat-Loss Formula

  1. Thomas

    High quality thermogenic fat burner. It provides me the energy I need for my workout.

  2. Oscar

    Follow the instructions, it works, I noticed more fat loss than previously, when using other brands.

  3. Charlie

    I didn’t think it would work that fast, I recommend this product to everyone who wants to lose weight.

  4. Carla

    This product helps me before running training .. Haven’t noticed any side effects.

  5. Budha

    “I love this stuff! 🙂 My body is already used to it because I always take it when I start dieting/working out. Used to get me jittery at first but all good now and my weight burns right off. Thank you Yuuto Nutrition.

  6. Sandu C

    Love it!!! Keeps me energised and never hungry. I have to remind myself to eat. Also don’t take after 4pm or you will be up all night.

  7. Noah

    You sweat a lot and feel so energized, without being too excited.

  8. Sophie

    A perfect way to control your appetite and keep you going.

  9. Grace

    Excellent for suppress appetite, works wonders for me.

  10. Jacob

    Makes me have more energy when I train. Excellent product will buy more!!

  11. Harry

    My personal opinion, it’s the best fat burner I’ve ever tried. No side effects, and you SWEAT!

  12. Joe

    This fat burner was the perfect solution for me, highly recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight.

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