Chondroitin is a naturally-occurring substance found in the connective tissues. Specifically, it is a complex sugar that is produced in both humans and animals. It can also be taken as supplements, which are usually from animal sources, such as beef, pork, and shark cartilage.

Health Benefits

This chemical is popularly known to support bone and joint health. To find out how chondroitin can help keep your bones and joints healthy, here are some of its benefits:

  • A treatment for osteoarthritis – Studies have shown that taking chondroitin can help prevent the acceleration of this form of arthritis and reduces the need for painkiller, as the joint pain is decreased.
  • Has anti-inflammatory characteristics – This helps ease the discomfort felt by arthritis patients when the condition’s symptoms attack.
  • Supports the cartilage – Chondroitin is known to prevent cartilage breakdown and stimulate cartilage repair in case of damage.
  • Increases joint mobility – It allows the cartilage to retain water, which helps keep its compressibility and elasticity. For this reason, the movement of the joints stay flexible and fluid.

Chondroitin is best combined with glucosamine sulphate in dietary supplements to be an effective arthritis treatment. Taking chondroitin supplements is generally safe for many people.

However, people with health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and prostate cancer and those who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised to talk to their doctors first before taking such supplement.

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