How Regular Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Performance

How Regular Exercise Can Improve Your Sex Performance


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Is there a link between regular exercise and your sexual performance? It’s time to find out.

Perhaps the question of whether or not sexual intercourse counts as exercise is more common than how exercising actually contributes to one’s performance during sex.

For most people, the link between exercise and sexual performance is not commonly discussed, but did you know that just exploring the idea can make a huge difference when it comes to the overall experience of intimacy for men and women?

Many research findings have pointed out that there is are significant advantages for those who exercise than those who don’t especially when it comes to their experience in the bedroom. This is because there is a close and direct relationship between how active you are in your exercise routine and its effect on your sex drive.

Here are the facts that connect your exercise habits and your sex drive:

1. Men benefit the most from exercise.

When it comes to improving sex drive through regular exercise, men reap the most benefits. A study published in 1990 in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour revealed how exercises helped men develop greater sexual enhancements such as the higher percentage of satisfaction (orgasms), more frequent drive for intimate activities, and more reliable bodily functions during sexual intercourse.

Participants who exercised an hour every day (or even just three to five times a week) reported a more active sex life with their partner, with successful and more satisfying orgasms compared to their less physically-active counterparts.

2. Short-duration exercises are good for women.

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, women can benefit from intense yet short-duration workouts (about 20 minutes with heart rate target of 70 percent). According to the results of a study released by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, women enjoyed an enhanced physiological sexual arousal (such as genital arousal).

The study further revealed that exercising every day helps women become more sensitive to touch, therefore making them more responsive to sexual stimuli during foreplay.

3. Exercise prevents poor sex drive due to stress.

Just like how a daily workout can help you maintain a good mental and physical health, its advantages of preventing stress and anxiety can help you stay more sexually active and emotionally available for intimate activities.

For both men and women, daily exercise provides a natural energy to keep you going. Plus, it helps prevent major diseases, relieves emotional and mental exhaustion, and calms you down after a long and tense day at work – so you’re ready for the night head.

4. Exercise stimulates the production of “sex” hormones.

Physical activities like exercises can help your brain enhance the production of endorphins, stimulating the release of your body’s sex hormones. Aside from helping you perform your best in the bedroom, these hormones also help you maintain a stable and healthy heart rate.

Moreover, these results can also encourage healthier physical processes such as proper digestion, healthy blood pressure, bone health and growth, higher stamina, and many more.

5. Different workouts provide different effects.

Exercise is a general term to a large body of different physical activities that help enhance specific muscular and skeletal regions of the body. Aside from the parts of your body that directly benefit from these activities, different body functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, and most importantly, sexual stamina, also benefit from the rewards of daily exercise.

However, regardless of the type of your exercise routine, you’ll surely reap the rewards of the regular workout. To help you understand how specific physical routines can help your sex life, continue reading.

6. Cardio-exercises are great sex performance enhancers.

Cardiovascular exercises have been known to improve your game in the bedroom. For instance, any physical activity like rowing, running, jumping, and other intense activities can easily increase your heartbeat – causing your heart to pump blood faster.

The same process will enhance blood flow to every part of your body, fuelling all the right places and helping them function with great intensity – and this power is most beneficial in the bedroom. Imagine having the energy and the function to keep going?

7. Yoga is not only for a peaceful mind but also for a sexually active body.

Yoga has been around for centuries but it was only recently when many people finally realized the potential of this mind-healthy activity in helping the natural body achieve an overall health. Just like how this form of meditation and physical exercise can promote improvements in one’s day to day life, did you know that yoga can also boost your sexual performance?

Yoga does not only improve your flexibility in the bedroom, allowing you to try several more satisfying positions, but it can also help you awaken your sexuality and deeper sensual desires. Why is this important? In order to fully satisfy your partner, you have to completely feel the moment – and yoga can help you feel deeper and enhances your body and mind’s sensitivity to touch and pleasure.

8. Prioritize strength training for higher levels of testosterone.

The release of testosterone, the hormones responsible for sexual arousal and overall physical development for men, is an important factor when it comes to sexual health and overall satisfaction. That is why experts suggest that you should prioritize these forms of exercises (such as weight-lifting and lower to upper-body workouts) especially if you want longer-lasting love-making.

Exercises focus on strength trainings are useful in enhancing your brain’s production of this important agent – and adding one hour of training exercises to your daily routine can go a long way.

Working your way to a happier and more satisfying sex life

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