The Best Nootropic and Smart Drug Reviewed

The Best Nootropic and Smart Drug Reviewed - Yuuto™

Struggling with poor memory? Are you hoping you can be “brainier” than now so you can perform better at school or work? Don’t think it is impossible—because the best natural brain booster supplement is now here in London.

As a university student, it is important to me that I keep my memory sharp and my learning capability at its best. Being naturally competitive, it is my dream to finish my degree at the top of my class. However, due to lack of sleep, too much pressure from meeting deadlines, and stress from trying to balance my time between studying and working part-time, I noticed that my cognitive performance decreased last semester—and it made me upset.

A nurse friend suggested that I take SANITY Universal Nootropic. He said that it is safer than other memory enhancer supplements because of its natural ingredients. I took his advice, and true enough, SANITY has not only improved my memory but it is also keeping my brain health at the optimal level.


Yuuto SANITY Universal Nootropic is a revolutionary formula that is specially created to improve memory function, concentration and intelligence levels, alertness, and mental clarity. This all-natural supplement has ingredients that can effectively enhance oxygen level and circulation in our brain. As a result, you can think clearer and remember easier.

SANITY is best for people who have an active and demanding lifestyle that requires strong brainpower, such as professionals, students, athletes, and many more. This product is packed with 41 natural ingredients that are proven to be helpful in enhancing memory, focus, and clarity. With Yuuto’s expertise in the Japanese nutrition—which is the best health guideline worldwide—this supplement will surely give you the maximum health benefit package.

What Are the Ingredients and Their Benefits

What makes SANITY an affective brain health supplement? The secret lies in its painstakingly chosen and combined ingredients. This nutrient-loaded product will surely amaze you with its content. Let’s take a look at its key ingredients:

  1. Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Biotin (B7), Folic acid (B9), C, D, E- SANITY is loaded with B Vitamins, which contribute a lot to the development of the brain and other organs in our body. They are also helpful in converting food into energy—which is necessary if you want to be physically and mentally active.
  2. MINERALS: Ca, Mg, Zn, Se, Fe, Cu, Mn, Cr, Mo,K- minerals are necessary to make sure your brain has healthy cells and there is enough oxygen that is delivered into them. They also make sure that your neurons and nerves function properly.
  3. DMAE Bitartrate (Dimethylaminoethanol)– this brain booster can decrease the free radicals and lipofuscin from your brain cells. It can also stimulate the cholinergic receptors that supports that acetylcholine synthesis in your brain. Moreover, it helps increase the amount of free choline in the system by preventing cells from taking up choline.
  4. L Glutamine– aside from decreasing anxiety, it increases the Human Growth Hormone. It also boosts mood, concentration, alertness, and memory.
  5. Glutamic Acid– this neurotransmitter contributes much to memory and learning enhancement. This also supports long-term potentiation.
  6. Green Tea Extract– it helps in the formation of memory, including spatial memory. This also aids in boosting the brain activity since it can easily pass through the blood-brain barrier.
  7. Bacopa Extract– this extract modulates the levels of serotonin and acetylcholine in the brain, which is essential for proper cognition and memory.
  8. Choline (bitartrate)– aids in improving mental energy, memory, and mood. This is also necessary to keep clear thinking and alertness. Furthermore, this plays an important role in the formation and repair of brain cells.
  9. Inositol (Vitamin B8)– effective in reducing mood swings, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders.
  10. N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine– this does not only improve memory and cognitive functions, but this also aids in reducing ADHD symptoms, anxiety, stress, and mood swings.
  11. Bilberry Fruit Extract– this is used to combat several health problems and promotes better memory, vision, and bodily functions.
  12. GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) Grape Seed Extract– not only does it increase Human Growth Hormone, but it also decreases anxiety and stress by releasing a relaxing effect on the body and brain.
  13. Grapefruit Seed Extract– aside from improving the memory and relieving stress, this also prevents brain inflammation and free-radical brain damage.
  14. Olive Leaf– keeps the brain from memory loss and damage due to free radicals.
  15. Cinnamon Bark Extract– enhances motor function, regularises neurotransmitter levels, and supports neurons.
  16. Licorice Root Extract– keeps the brain protected from stroke-related damages.
  17. Boron (Citrate)– supports muscle coordination and improves thinking skills.
  18. DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)– this omega-3 fatty acid is necessary in keeping the brain structure and function healthy. This also helps in the creation of neural pathways and optimises neural signaling in the brain.
  19. Vanadyl Sulfate– improves exercise performance and can be used for hangover treatment.
  20. Phosphatidylserine – decreases anxiety and enhance memory, attention, alertness, and mood.
  21. HuperzineA– this antioxidant can aid in developing memory, cognition, and learning. This also protects the brain from glutamate-toxicity and supports neuroplasticity.

Who Can Benefit from SANITY Universal Nootropic

Like what I have mentioned above, SANITY Universal Nootropic is perfect not just for students like me, but even for busy professionals, athletes, and even elderlies who are still active beyond 50’s. We all need to keep our brains healthy so we can think and function effectively.

Why Should I Use SANITY

Yuuto’s nootropic is what I need to help me achieve my goal to be the best student that I can be. I need it to help me enhance my memory and learning skills especially when I am stressed. Moreover, it helps me keep calm despite the pressure and reduces the stress that comes with it.

In general, this supplement can keep the brain at its optimal health. It has the capacity to protect or help your brain recover from injuries too.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this product now for that sharper and more active mind.



    Become more efficient in less time;
    Enhance learning and memory.
    Improve abilities, functions and quality of life.
Sanity Universal Nootropic Natural Brain Booster