6 Foods And Drinks That Kill Your Sex Drive

6 Foods And Drinks That Kill Your Sex Drive


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You are what you eat – and the food items that are always included on your daily menu can greatly affect how your body functions.

There’s a reason why health buffs and sports players make sure they have a rich supply of protein from red meat, and why older people have to consume their daily dose of calcium from milk and other dairy products.

The idea and method of carefully choosing your food depending on the needs of your lifestyle can also be applied to individuals who are looking to improve their sex life with their partner.

There are particular food choices that can easily boost your libido. Consuming the right amount of these items in every meal can greatly enhance your sexual performance in bed, so knowing which fruit, vegetable or drinks to choose can make a big difference.

At the same time, there are food options and beverages that can hurt your sex drive. Aside from decreasing your libido, these food items can affect your overall performance and longevity in bed – which eventually results in dissatisfaction and even failure to achieve an erection.

If you want to save your sex life, you should keep on reading. Here are the foods and drinks that are slowly but surely killing your sex drive.

1.    Alcohol

Unsurprisingly, this unhealthy culprit does not only harm your liver but it also affects your levels of libido, making you unable to fully enjoy a great night with your partner. While a glass of wine or a shot of your favourite liquor can get you in the mood for some loving, consuming way too much can deliver the opposite.

Alcohol is a major depressant that does not only dampen your libido but can also prevent you from achieving a full erection. It ultimately affects your sexual performance, and studies even suggest that longer alcohol abuse can lead to an overall sexual dysfunction and impotence.

2.    Liquorice

Liquorice is a plant-based snack that everyone thinks of as a healthy alternative to junk food, but did you know that it’s one of the food items that can slowly hurt your sex drive? Liquorice, as a plant, has herbal and medicinal properties that can be answers to some of the most common ailments out there, but it’s not a good choice for your sexual health.

This is because the phytoestrogens contained in the plant itself has a huge impact on the body’s endocrine system. Eating too much of this as a chewable snack can immediately lower the amount of testosterone produced by the body – and a decrease in the levels of these hormones will surely decrease your sex drive and affect your overall sexual experience for both men and women.

3.    Sweets

Having a sweet tooth doesn’t automatically make you a sweet lover – especially when it comes to how you do in bed. Sugar and other sweet delights can have a bad effect on your sexual performance mainly because of how it easily increases the levels of your body’s insulin production. More of this hormone means a bigger volume of stored fat in your belly and a corresponding loss in muscle mass. This eventually lowers the levels of testosterone in your body dramatically.

For men, more belly fat means higher estrogen levels, thus, decreasing libido and sex drive that can often lead to erectile dysfunction.

4.    Soy

Soy-derived products are everywhere, thanks to the world’s fascination with this healthy protein alternative. While it can be great for your overall health, this superfood can actually disrupt your body’s hormone production, causing an imbalance that greatly affects your overall sexual desire.

Soy also contains rich levels of phytoestrogens. Examples of food items which are effective libido-killers are soy milk, tofu, and most of the meat alternatives used by vegetarians.

5.    Beets

Healthy, nutritious and delicious – perhaps this is how most health buffs will describe the wonderful food, beets.  Like other root vegetables, beets promote healthy levels of estrogen in the body. While this is a relatively good news, people who already have lower levels of testosterone can suffer from an opposite effect that could hurt their overall performance in bed.

The compounds found in beets can do more harm than good to those who suffer from abnormal and depleted levels of testosterone. In other words, if you have a serious case of hormonal imbalance, avoid beets and beet products altogether especially if you want to experience a more satisfying intimate moment with your partner.

6.   Coffee

Who would have thought that coffee would be included in this list? Isn’t it an energy-boosting ingredient that can help you stay up and alive especially during activities that require you to be at your most alert self?

The truth is, coffee is generally good to keep you awake, especially after a long day at work.

However, while you will be both present and alert, consuming too much caffeine before a sexual experience can actually up your anxiety level to the extremes – especially if your heart is not used to high-pumping and cardio-raising formulas like coffee.

If you are sensitive to the effects of coffee like extreme heart palpitations, trembling, and coffee-caused anxiety, then better stay away from it.

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