CBD - An Effective Treatment for Sleep Conditions?

Nowadays, CBD oil is over the news. It is claimed by many to be a cure for many illnesses, including chronic pain and cancer. How about sleep conditions that are causing so much trouble to many people? One of the health benefits that people claim about CBD compound is its effectiveness in promoting better sleep. Moreover, it is believed to help sleep problems, like insomnia. Is there any truth behind this claim?

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What Is Cannabidiol (CBD)? Everything You Need to Know

CBD actually means cannabidiol, which comes from the hemp plant—a cousin of Cannabis sativa or more commonly known as marijuana. This natural substance is turned into edibles or extracted as oils for its benefit of calmness and relaxation. It is found out that CBD is one of the active and common components that are found in medical marijuana, but there is no report or study that says it can cause a user to be “high” by using this ingredient alone. The World Health Organisation (WHO) itself confirms that it does not result in dependency or abuse in humans. In addition, no health problems associated with CBD usage has been reported yet.

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