Avoid Premature Skin Aging with these Awesome Tips

Avoid Premature Skin Aging with these Awesome Tips

Do you feel older than your actual age because of the dark spots and wrinkles appearing early on your skin? You have probably tried all kinds of lotion and cream to prevent these signs of aging from showing but nothing has happened. Are there effective ways that can keep your skin young and healthy?

There are many factors that result in premature skin aging. Some may be intrinsic, meaning biological, so you cannot stop them from making you older. However, there are what we call extrinsic factors—those that are environmental—and you can do something about them.

There are effective ways that can help you prevent premature aging by taking care of the extrinsic aging factors. These ways often involve changing your lifestyle for the better and protecting yourself from the harmful environmental elements. With these, the extrinsic aging of your skin will be slowed down.

1. Keep your skin protected from the sun.

The ultraviolet (UV) rays coming from the sun can cause a lot of damage to your skin. For this reason, too much exposure to sunlight can destroy the fibers that keep your skin firm resulting in premature wrinkles. Moreover, UV rays cause age spots on the sun-exposed skin areas like the face and hands.

To avoid the development of wrinkles and age spots, which are known to be signs of aging, you should minimise your skin’s sun exposure. The best way to do this is by regularly applying sunscreen to the exposed areas. The greater the sun protection factor or SPF of your sunscreen product, the more effective it is.

Wearing a hat with a brim to cover your face is also advisable. For your hands’ protection, you can wear long-sleeved clothes and cardigans. Sunbathing is also harmful to your skin, so you better use tanning lotion for your suntan.

2. Stop smoking.

Aside from lung cancer and other terrible diseases that smoking can bring to the body, it is also one of the culprits of unhealthy and early-aging skin. If you want to keep your skin’s youthful glow, then you need to stop this habit right away.

What is the reason why smokers are prone to premature skin-aging?

You have probably heard about the “smoker’s face”, which is characterized by droopy skin, deep wrinkles, and prominent crow’s feet. The toxic chemicals in the cigarette can decrease the blood flow to your face, which causes wrinkles too appear earlier and make your skin dull and pale.

3. Exercise regularly.

Regular exercise does not only keep you fit and sexy. It can also result in a healthier and youthful skin complexion. For this reason, it is advisable that you maintain a moderate exercise habit.

Doing cardio exercises can improve the circulation of your blood, which increases the oxygen level in your body. This greatly contributes to that more nourished skin appearance.

Going to the gym to achieve for strength training can also result in being younger-looking. If you have toned and strong muscles, then you will look younger than your actual age since your skin does not sag and you look actively fit.

4. Lessen alcohol drinking.

It is not a secret that excessive drinking is bad for the health. Too much drinking means more than two drinks for men and more than one for women a day. However, this does not only cause illnesses but it also destroys the skin.

First of all, alcohol is known to dehydrate the skin, which makes it dry, damaged, and old-looking. You can observe that heavy drinkers have dry skin, and it is because they probably drink more alcohol than water in one day.

Another way how too much drinking affects the health of the skin is through the dietary habit of the person. Excessive drinkers tend to be deprived of a healthy diet, which eventually leads to lacking nutrients which are essential to keep the skin nourished.

5. Eat healthily.

Oxidative stress, caused by free radicals coming from toxins, is one of the factors that cause fast skin aging. To keep yourself from this, you better eat a lot of vegetables since they are rich in anti-oxidants, which combat the free radicals that attack the cells, including your skin’s.

It is also advisable that you eat whole grains, nuts, beans, and other legumes. They are an excellent source of minerals and vitamins that can keep your skin young-looking.

Furthermore, you should minimise your sugar intake. Sugar is known to be a direct cause of skin-aging. What more, it can also shorten an organism’s lifespan—and that could include yours.

6. Get enough sleep and avoid stress.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you lack sleep or you are stressed your skin looks dull and dry? Well, both of these factors are scientifically proven to dry the skin and make the other organs of your body unhealthy. For this reason, you need to avoid them.

Stress and fatigue can damage the cells of your body. It is when you sleep that your body is able to fix or regenerate these cells. Therefore, the more time you give yourself to rest, the better your beaten cells can recover. If possible, try to get seven or eight hours of sleep in a day.

Also, do your best to avoid stress as much as possible. Give yourself time to relax after a stressful day or week. It is also better if you have a stress-reliever activity.

7. Keep your skin hydrated.

If your skin is dry, then it looks old because it is rough, dull, and wrinkled. For this reason, you have to maintain the hydration of your skin if you want to keep it looking young.

The best way to keep your skin hydrated is by drinking a lot of water daily. It is advised that you should drink at least two liters or eight glasses of water every day. This is not only good for your skin but for your entire health as well.

Eating vegetables and fruits is also a good source of hydration. Well, using moisturisers is also a good way to keep your skin hydrated. Of course, keeping out of the sun helps a lot too.

Stay Young-looking

You do not have to spend a lot of money on dermatologists to stay young-looking. If you know how to avoid and combat the usual extrinsic aging factors, then you can maintain your youthful glow. At the top of these, you can stay healthy for as long as possible.

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